I love rice and so does my husband. We try to find different ways to prepare and enjoy this wonderful food. Through time, we found hundreds of recipes, some simple and some exotic, and have enjoyed preparing them. We've found some real winners, which I have published on this blog and some that are not so great, which are in my personal "do not" repeat folder. I have created this site to share those memorable dishes - which are all about this wonderful food called "rice".

Clams With Spinach and Chayote

This is one of those comfort foods that we absolutely love at home.  There are several versions of this depending on what part of the Philippines you are from.  The original recipe calls for chicken with chicken broth, but I thought I would try it with clams and yummmmmm.  If you do not like clams, then try it with chicken and chicken broth. . 


1 lb of small neck or manila clams (scrubbed and cleaned or frozen)
1 medium onion (sliced)
1 inch of ginger (sliced in match sticks)
3 cups of fish or clam broth
1 chayote (peeled; remove seed and cut into bite size pieces)
1 small bunch of fresh spinach leaves (clean and trimmed)
Steamed white or brown rice to serve over.
2 tblsp olive oil
Salt and pepper

Heat olive oil in a dutch oven or stock pot.  Add onions and chayote.  In medium heat, stir occasionally until onions become translucent - approximately 5 minutes.  Add the ginger and continue cooking for another 2 minutes to release the flavor of the ginger.  Add the broth and bring to a boil; then reduce the heat to a simmer or lightly boil to allow the chayote to tender for another 8 minutes.  If chayote pieces are large, this will take a longer cooking time.   Season with salt and pepper then add your clams.  Continue cooking until all the clams open. If you are using fresh clams, discard any that are still close.  Add the spinach and stir it into the soup mixture.  Turn off the heat and allow the spinach to wilt.  In a deep bowl, add a scoop or two of rice and top it with the clams and vegetables.  Be very generous with the soup or broth.  Enjoy!

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